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Cholesterol-free and sugar-free 3 in 1 instant coffee for appetite suppression is a delicious, invigorating drink for everyone who is watching their weight and following a healthy lifestyle.

The main feature of this healthy coffee from the Thai manufacturer Preaw is the content of the microelement chromium, which is an important part of carbohydrate metabolism and controls blood sugar levels.

If you drink a cup of such healthy coffee with chromium half an hour before meals, you can notice a significant decrease in appetite – that is why Preaw coffee is considered effective for weight loss, for reducing cravings for sweets, for normalizing metabolism without exhausting carbohydrate breakdowns.

1 sachet is 12 grams of instant healthy coffee with chrome, composition:

  • Coffee 20%, low-calorie non-dairy cream 66%, sweetener 0.15%, chromium trace element 0.012%.

How to make a cup of healthy coffee:

  • pour 120 ml of hot water over the contents of the sachet and stir

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