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Tropicana virgin coconut oil, 1 liter / 10 pcs


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Natural 100% cold pressed coconut oil for skin and hair care from the well-known manufacturer of the Thai company TROPICANA OIL.

Plastic bottle, 1000 ml, manufacturer: Thailand, Tropicana Oil.

Manufacturer website www.tropicanaoil.com

TROPICANA OIL is the largest Thai manufacturer of coconut oil and cosmetics based on coconut oil. In the production of oil, only the technology of “cold pressing” is used, which allows to preserve all the substances important for the human body in the oil.

Certificates and Quality Standards: Tropicana oil has received the NEC Innovation Award for laboratory equipment and production technology.

Certification: international GMP quality certificate.

Action: Vegetable oil derived from coconut copra has long been used to maintain the beauty of skin and hair. It is rich in saturated fatty acids, is easily absorbed and does not clog pores. The oil is hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, even for newborns. Especially indicated for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.

Tropicana coconut oil is easy and pleasant to use. These are face and body skin care, first-class hair masks, a basis for cosmetic procedures and a combination with any natural ingredients. For example, when combined with Tropicana Natural Coconut Face & Body Scrub with Tropicana, you get a great natural, gentle face & body scrub.

The use of coconut oil in cosmetology:

  • Face and body skin care – moisturizing, softening, nourishing and smoothing effect, used as a standalone product or as an additive in cosmetic masks;
  • Hair care – nutrition, restoration, making the hair shine;
  • Removal of makeup, including from the delicate skin around the eyes;
  • Treatment of scuffs, sunburn, diaper rash, cracks, irritations;
  • Protection of skin and hair from adverse environmental influences (sun, wind, frost);
  • Getting an even and beautiful tan;
  • A massage with coconut oil relaxes the muscles, calms the nerves, relieves fatigue, leaves the skin fresh and velvety.

The manufacturer of coconut oil states that it is 100% natural and safe for ingestion.

Consuming coconut oil for health purposes (2 tablespoons on an empty stomach) will help normalize the digestive tract.

Below +24 degrees, the oil solidifies. Heating in a water bath will help to return it to a liquid state.

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