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This tea is a perfect combination of aromatic tropical herbs and tea leaves, which is why it is especially popular with tourists and locals in Thailand. Tea can be consumed both hot and iced – tea perfectly refreshes in the heat.

International competitions and exhibitions are periodically held, where manufacturers of tea products can take part. Thai Tea Mix Extra Gold has been nominated for the best drink among similar products several times. It was rated by the jury as a product of the highest quality.

Tea has a reddish-golden hue, harmonious taste with a light fruity note, and a beautiful tea aroma. It is incredibly healthy – it contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids, micro- and macroelements. Rejuvenates, cleanses the body, helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels, normalize blood pressure, and strengthen protective functions. It is a great antioxidant that will energize you when consumed consistently.

Method of preparation:  add one tablespoon to a liter of boiled water (95 ° C). Wait a few minutes (about 3-5). You can brew the same volume of leaves twice. Perfect for drinking cool or hot, combined with sugar, milk, lemon juice.

Packing 400 gr.

Production: Siam Tea Factory, Thailand.

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