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Sleep Balm with lavander MINI, 15g / 6 pcs


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Relaxing relieving stress and tension Thai balm with lavender for easy falling asleep, for a relaxing massage, to eliminate anxiety and nervousness.

The soothing blend of essential oils in the balm will help you relax and be in a calm state of mind, so that sleep comes naturally and you can quickly and soundly fall asleep.

Borneol in the balm helps relieve the effects of stress, get rid of accumulated fatigue and normalize the psycho-emotional state. The scent of camphor oil has a relaxing, soothing and anti-infectious effect. Menthol is refreshing like a walk in the forest, while lavender is relaxing.

The perfect balm for the night when you need to calm your mind or fall asleep.

Lavender Sleep Balm uses natural ingredients, no artificial flavors, GMOs or medications, so lavender balm is safe for the whole family.

How to use lavender sleep balm:

  • Rub some balm under your nose, temples and wrists, or use before bed for a relaxing massage

Net weight 15 grams, made in Thailand.

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