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Darawadee Crocodile Hot Balm, 100g / 6 pcs


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Darawadee crocodile hot ointment, like any Thai balm, is a universal “magic wand” in many cases – hot crocodile balm will help with pain in joints and muscles, with osteochondrosis and sciatica, relieve fatigue from the legs, improve blood circulation at the site of application and warm the body …

Thai hot crocodile balm is perfect for a therapeutic massage of the back, neck and lower back, and also eliminates the feeling of numbness and tingling in the legs and arms, removes the feeling of discomfort with stiff muscles, relieves muscle cramps, and accelerates the resolution of bruises.

Crocodile balm has a distinctive feature: it has a long-lasting warming effect – you will feel the heat for 6 hours at the place where the Thai hot ointment was applied.

Net weight 100 grams, made in Thailand.

How to use crocodile hot balm:

  • Rub into the affected area with massage movements 1 time per day
  • Do not use the balm on the face and delicate intimate parts of the body

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