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A set of 5 adhesive deep pore cleansing strips glued to the nasal area for fast and effective removal of blackheads and deep pore cleansing from the Japanese brand Biore.

  • Plaster – Biore nasal strip is glued with the smooth side on the always damp skin of the nose, as shown in the package picture. The strip will not stick if the skin of the nose is dry!
  • Press the strip firmly against the skin to enhance the adhesion of the patch.
  • Keep the strips until they dry – when the patch dries, it will become hard (like plaster), which means it’s time to remove. It will take about 10-15 minutes to dry.
  • Gently remove the patch from the nose with a quick movement – there may be a little discomfort when removing

Biore Nose Strips give perhaps the best pore cleansing result of any Asian nasal patch against blackheads.

You can apply the next strip no earlier than after 3 days

Do not use the Biore patch-strip if there are purulent inflammations (pimples with an abscess) on the skin of the nose, or pronounced vascular reticulum, or if the skin of the nose is burned (in case of redness the first 2-3 days after sunburn)

The package contains 5 disposable cleansing patches – strips on the nose.

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