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An ambulance for pain and colds with an effect up to 24 hours! Every person encounters pain in the back, neck, muscles, however, as well as fatigue caused by hard work at the computer, pinching, discomfort with a cold. It is not always convenient to use ointments and balms, but a medical patch is a great find: invisible under clothes, it adheres well to the skin, without irritating or drying it out, provides quick results and relaxation, and lasts for a total of almost 24 hours!

The package contains two plasters measuring 7 by 10 cm, the main active ingredient of the impregnation is Thai tiger balm. These compresses have a warming effect, also a cooling version is presented in our catalog. The product helps with:


– pain, muscle spasms, including due to physical exertion;
– a cold;
– pinching;
– pain in the neck and shoulder girdle due to an uncomfortable sleeping position, sedentary strenuous work;
– lung diseases;
– feeling tired and stressed.

The plaster does not stain clothes, due to its ease of use and inconspicuousness it can be used at home, on the street, at work, on the road, at school, in a dream, such a “savior” should be taken with you on vacation or travel, so that an absurd accident does not spoil the rest. With the warming compresses, discomfort will leave your life forever!

Application:  stick on the affected area, remove after a maximum of 24 hours. Attention! Do not apply the patch to damaged skin.

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