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Cooling baby patch to reduce heat / 10 pcs


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Cooling gel applicator, glued to the forehead of a child with a high temperature or headache, is a very convenient patch for treating children over 2 years old.

The plaster has a long-lasting cooling effect (up to 8 hours) and a shape that is convenient for sticking to the child’s forehead.

The package contains 2 plasters, size 5cm x 11cm.

Used to treat children over 2 years old:

  • when the temperature rises – the plaster will quickly relieve fever in a sick child,
  • also the patch will help with headaches
  • with toothache
  • with bruises and sprains
  • when overheated in the sun

How to use the cooling patch for children:

  • Remove the clear film and adhere the cooling patch tightly to the desired area. Most often, at high temperatures, it is glued to the child’s forehead, it can also be glued to the neck or armpits
  • For a toothache, a patch is applied to the cheek area in the appropriate place
  • In case of bruises and sprains, apply only to intact skin.

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