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Thai toothpaste 5STAR 5A in a tube, 80g / 12 pcs


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The famous Thai herbal whitening toothpaste “5 stars 5A” (“5star 5A”) is now in a new package – the usual 80 gram tube, made on the basis of natural ingredients with essential oils.

Organic Thai Toothpaste 5 Star5A completely removes plaque and small tartar, tones the gums well and prevents them from bleeding.

Excellent whitening effect that is visible after several days of use!

Ingredients: guava leaves, clove oil, aloe vera, borneol and camphor.

Toothpaste 5 Star5A is economical to use, has a pleasant, very refreshing taste, and does not contain fragrances, fluoride, dyes, or abrasive particles.

Thai whitening organic toothpaste 5 Star5A with herbs is especially suitable for coffee lovers and strong tea lovers and smokers, since one of the main properties of the paste is to remove plaque and whiten tooth enamel.

The volume of a tube of Thai pasta 5 Star5A 80 grams, produced in Thailand.

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