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DARLIE Expert White Toothpaste, 120g / 12 pcs


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High-quality whitening toothpaste Darlie popular in Asian countries for a snow-white smile and fresh breath from the Hawley & Hazel trademark.

Founded in 1933, Darley’s pasta maker Hawley & Hazel is a trusted and highly acclaimed oral care brand for the Asian region.

The innovative formula of Darley “Whitening Expert” toothpaste contains PS-mp microparticles, which are used in dentistry for professional high-quality gentle teeth enamel whitening.

The unique composition of Darley Expert White toothpaste increases the whiteness of teeth three times, the PS-mp microparticles included in the paste polish tooth enamel, remove plaque, stains and remove tartar.

Properties of Darley Expert White Toothpaste:

  • Teeth whitening, after using the Darley Expert paste, the tone of the tooth enamel becomes noticeably lighter
  • Removal of plaque, tartar, stains on teeth
  • Due to the fluoride included in the paste protects teeth from caries
  • Does not damage tooth enamel, Darley Expert White toothpaste is a professional dental whitening without damaging the enamel
  • Freshens breath for a long time

Tube 120 grams.

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Weight 2.16 kg


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