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Thai Kinaree Snail Serum, 320g / 6 pcs


Hyaluronic Acid Serum Thai Kinaree, 320g / 6 pcs

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Syn-ake Serum Thai Kinaree, 320g / 6 pcs


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Kinaree Anti-Aging Facial Serum with Syn-Ake snake venom identical peptides has an excellent smoothing effect and quickly removes both expression lines and wrinkles caused by the skin aging process. Please note: the price is for 1 bottle, there are 4 bottles in the package. Serum makes the skin smooth, gives it a healthy look and youthful radiance, prevents the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin. Peptides with a structure similar to snake venom will solve your problems with deep and fine expression lines. Moisturizes the skin, smoothes unevenness and has a protective effect. Daily use of anti-wrinkle serum not only fills existing wrinkles, but also prevents the formation of new ones. Syn-Ake is a synthetic substance that mimics the function of snake venom. This formula has been designed to freeze the movement of the muscles that cause wrinkles and therefore enable them to slow down the aging process. When exposed to the skin, the nerve impulses responsible for squeezing the skin are blocked, which is why wrinkles quickly disappear.

Volume: 15 ml., 320g

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