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Twin lotus Black herbal original toothpaste, 100g / 12 pcs


Twin lotus Black herbal original toothpaste, 2 x 180g / 12 pcs

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Twin lotus Black herbal original toothpaste, 150g / 12 pcs


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Original Thai Toothpaste Twin Lotus with herbs is a dark coffee-colored toothpaste with a specific herbal taste due to the herbs included in its composition from the famous Thai toothpaste manufacturer Twin Lotus.

Twin Lotus Dark Original Black Toothpaste contains 10 herbal ingredients to help keep your teeth and gums healthy. The toothpaste is suitable for the care of sensitive teeth and is an effective remedy for the prevention and treatment of gum disease (periodontal disease, bleeding gums)

Ingredients : sorbitol, calcium carbonate, cuttlefish bone, misvak (toothbrush tree), clinacanthus nutans, sodium lauryl sulfate (obtained from coconut oil), silicon dioxide (natural mineral), paniculata murraya, rough streblus, peppermint oil, crystalline menthol oil, sodium benzonate.

Black Thai toothpaste “Herbal Twin Lotus” due to its natural composition has a number of properties:

  • is a means for the prevention of periodontal disease;
  • has antiviral and antiseptic properties;
  • eliminates unpleasant odors (including old alcohol and smoking);
  • freshens breath and keeps it fresh for the whole day;
  • cleans teeth from plaque and tartar;
  • eliminates bleeding gums and dry mouth;
  • protects teeth and gums from cold and harmful environmental influences;

Made in Thailand, manufacturer website www.twinlotus.com

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