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Royal Thai Herb Black Balm King Cobra, 50g / 6 pcs


Balm for children I HOM medicinal Thai herbs / 12 pcs

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Royal Thai Herb Green Crocodile Balm, 50g / 6 pcs


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The balm relieves pain in arthritis, bruises, osteochondrosis, radiculitis, sprains, pain in the spine, strengthens the joints. This tool is able to eliminate itching, swelling and pain from animal bites, insects, as well as burns. In addition, Crocodile Balm – removes bruises, effectively dissolves hematomas, has analgesic and relaxing effects. Restores hemodynamics in the legs in the presence of problems with blood vessels, improving blood circulation, and in a short time, relieving fatigue.

If the balm is applied on tired legs, namely on the knees and feet, in a horizontal position, then after 10 minutes the legs will become light and the swelling will go away. This will happen due to the restoration and improvement of blood circulation.

The regenerative properties of crocodile fat and aloe vera extract allow you to quickly heal microcracks, wounds, and eliminate signs of peeling.

Effects of using crocodile balm: antimicrobial, regenerating, anti-inflammatory, analgesic.

How to use: apply a small amount of crocodile balm on the sore spot and rub gently 2 times a day (morning and evening).

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