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Pond’s InstaBright Foam Tone Up Milk, 100g / 6 pcs


Pond’s Bright Beauty Serum Whip Foam, 100g / 6 pcs

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Pond’s Acne Clear Facial Foam, 100g / 6 pcs


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– Facial cleansing foam to reduce acne and oily skin problems. Clinically proven to clear acne problems in 3 days.
– First time in the world with Thymol-T Lock & Clear technology. Pond’s exclusive that locks in bacteria and clears them immediately.
– for maximum efficiency
– Facial Foam that has been clinically proven to reduce acne in 3 days
– First ever Thymol-T Technology Lock + Clear Technology that targets bacteria at its roots
– For best results should be used regularly with Ponds Expert Clearing Gel.
Facial foam to reduce acne problems* and oily skin combined with Active Thymol-T Essence, a technology that manages to reduce acne at the root cause*
clinically proven for maximum efficiency should be used regularly and continuously Results depend on individual skin condition.
How to use: Squeeze foam, mix with a little water to create a lather, apply and massage gently over face and neck, then rinse with clean water.
*Clogged pimples, pimples caused by oil, dirt
Pond’s Acne Clear AntiAcne Facial Foam with Active Thymol-T Essence that reduces the problem of acne and oily skin. argets pimples at the root to fight 10 oil & acne problems. Clinically proven to reduce pimples*
Usage: Wet your face, put small amount of gel on hand, create lather, gently massage onto face, then rinse off.
*When used daily with the regime.

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