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Neobun menthol plaster / 10 pcs


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Neobun Thai Menthol Healing Patch  is an effective remedy for muscle pain, headache and joint pain. Also Neobun plaster is an excellent remedy for the healing of corns and small abrasions, soothes itching and swelling after insect bites.

Neobun plaster has analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edematous effects, improves local blood circulation, relieves pain of various origins.

Neobun Thai menthol patch is used:

  1. for pain in muscles and joints, for pain in the back – used for arthritis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism, radiculitis
  2. with headache and toothache
  3. in case of injuries – relieve pain and swelling
  4. for calluses and abrasions, helps to speed up the healing of small wounds
  5. for insect bites – Neobun plaster relieves itching and swelling

The package contains 2 breathable perforated Neobun plasters, each measuring 8cm by 11cm. Made in Thailand .


  • Stick the patch on the problem area on dry and clean skin, removing the protective film
  • In case of headache – stick on the temples and on the base of the neck, after cutting the plaster plate into smaller pieces
  • Leave the patch on the body from a few minutes to 12 hours – depending on the place of application
  • Thai menthol patch is very convenient to use, does not stain or leave marks on clothes

Ingredients: methyl salicylate 6%, ethylene glycol salicylate 2%, menthol 5.2%, peppermint oil 0.36%, camphor 3.2%, thymol 0.35%, zinc oxide 22%, rubber 20%, rubber base 38%, lanolin 2%, borneol 0.72%, clove oil 0.12%, chili pepper extract 0.05%

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