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Natural Latex Mattress Patex (2,5 cm) / 5 pcs


Natural Thai Latex Blanket (210×200 cm) / 5 pcs

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Natural Thai Latex Blanket (210×230 cm) / 5 pcs


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We offer you to buy a thin, breathable, and at the same time warm blanket made of natural latex.

The most important properties of a latex blanket:

Hygroscopic – that is, the latex blanket retains heat well, but does not prevent moisture from evaporating. Thus, in summer the blanket will not heat up – and you will not sweat; in winter, a latex blanket will keep a comfortable temperature for sleeping.
A blanket made of natural latex does not cause allergic reactions.
Microbes and bacteria will never start in a latex blanket due to the properties of natural latex. Also, the latex blanket does not accumulate dust in itself.
In any season, you will be comfortable under a latex blanket: it will not be cold in winter, and hot in summer.
Available sizes:

Blanket made of natural latex 210 x 230 cm
Blanket made of natural latex 210 x 200 cm
Blanket made of natural latex 210 x 180 cm

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Weight 20 kg


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