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Hair Growth Toner with Ginseng Dema, 120ml / 12 pcs


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Genive Hair Growth Serum, 60ml / 12 pcs


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Serum for accelerating and stimulating hair growth under the bright motto “3 times faster hair growth in 7 days” from the Thai manufacturer Genive is a very relevant intensive care for those who decided to grow their hair.

Genive serum, which does not require rinsing, stimulates the microcirculation of the hair follicle, due to which hair grows faster than usual and becomes noticeably thicker.

Also, Genive serum, after applying it to clean, slightly damp hair, prevents hair loss during the day, prevents dandruff and gives hair a beautiful shine and extra volume.

Genive hair growth serum volume 60 ml, produced in Thailand.

Recommended as an effective treatment for long hair. Serum Genive does not require rinsing, it is applied daily to clean, slightly damp hair, the serum should be applied in 5-6 drops on the scalp, on the hair roots.

Ingredients: Aqua Ethyl alcohol, glyceryl stearate, ginseng extract.

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