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Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean / 12 pcs


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We present to you a novelty –  Darley Charcoal Toothpaste of  the “Glow Whiteness in 14 Days” series based on bamboo charcoal particles with a green bamboo scent combined with an advanced teeth whitening system.

Founded in 1933, Darley’s charcoal paste manufacturer Hawley & Hazel is a trusted and highly acclaimed oral care brand for the Asia region.

Darley’s Glow of White & Bamboo Charcoal charcoal toothpaste has four unique properties:

  • particles of natural bamboo charcoal instantly absorb dirt and  deeply cleanse the entire oral cavity
  • Darley’s charcoal toothpaste strengthens teeth and  prevents tooth decay   with the antibacterial properties of bamboo charcoal
  • A specially designed advanced teeth whitening system will help you quickly and effectively  remove yellowish plaque from coffee or cigarettes  – 2 weeks will be enough for a visible result. Smokers and coffee lovers will be able to especially appreciate the effectiveness of charcoal paste – thanks to the absorbing properties of bamboo charcoal in combination with a modern whitening agent, the effect of the paste will become noticeable in 14 days.
  • Unlike all other varieties of Darley’s pasta, which have a strong minty flavor, charcoal toothpaste has a fresh green bamboo scent.  Darlie All Shiny White Charcoal Clean toothpaste uses the well-known property of charcoal to absorb all odors, which significantly freshens breath 

Options: Tube net weight 40 grams or 90 grams.

The color of Darley’s charcoal paste “Shine of Whiteness and Bamboo Charcoal”, contrary to expectations, is not black, but gray, the paste contains charcoal powder from Korean bamboo.

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