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Children’s toothpaste GIFFY FARM mint with herbal extracts / 12 pcs


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Giffarine Giffy Farm Toothpaste with natural herbal extracts and mint flavor will gently and gently cleanse sensitive children’s teeth without damaging the thin enamel of the teeth!

Herbal toothpaste for children with strawberry, orange and mint flavor is designed specifically for milk teeth. The paste contains the best element from the fluoride group, aminofluoride. The peculiarity of Aminofluoride is that it has a prolonged effect after use – while brushing your teeth, Aminofluoride forms a protective barrier around the tooth, which saturates the teeth with fluoride for another 4-6 hours and protects the tooth enamel.

Every parent knows that children are very active and it is difficult for them to brush their teeth for as long as dentists recommend (at least 5 minutes). Children’s patience is enough for a maximum of 1-1.5 minutes. Therefore, the presence of aminofluoride in the Giffarine Giffy Farm toothpaste allows you to keep children’s teeth healthy and strong!

The Giffarine Giffy Farm children’s toothpaste contains useful extracts and elements that increase the local immunity of the oral mucosa, strengthening it and preventing the development of infections and diseases of the mucous membranes, such as thrush or stomatitis.

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