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Cathy Doll Snail Honey Ginseng with Gold Sleepeng Serum Mask / 10 pcs


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Concentrated effective night face mask containing four natural, powerful skin rejuvenating components: snail mucus, honey, ginseng extract and gold powder.

The manufacturer of the night mask – serum for facial rejuvenation – is the South Korean brand Cathy Doll.

Leave-in overnight concentrated mask created especially for busy (or lazy) ladies – this is the minimum time spent on applying and rinsing the mask – and the maximum effect of moisturizing, nourishing and tightening the skin of the face in the morning!

The high content of snail filtrate in the night mask moisturizes, regenerates the epidermis, allows the skin to look very fresh and radiant after a night’s sleep.

Honey and ginseng extract are rejuvenating and nourishing ingredients of the night mask, nourish the skin with vitamins and minerals, increase skin elasticity and firmness.

The proactive gold powder in the concentrated night face mask not only significantly improves the complexion, but is also a pronounced anti-aging component that makes your skin look as if it has no age.

The net weight of the bag with the mask is 4 grams, the bag is designed for one application.

How to use concentrated night face mask with gold, honey, ginseng and snail filtrate:

  • Apply a mask on clean face skin and leave it until the morning – instead of a night cream

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