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Banna Scrub, Mangosteen, 250g / 10 pcs


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Banna Scrub, Coconut, 250g / 10 pcs


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A fragrant body scrub based on natural extracts of tropical Thai fruits and plants from the Thai manufacturer Banna.

Banna “Fruit Care” body scrub gently cleanses the skin and pores, gently exfoliates dead cells, removes roughness and unevenness on the skin, and becomes an excellent vitamin toner to maintain firmness and youthfulness of the body.

As scrubbing particles in the Banna fruit scrub, walnut shell powder (with anti-inflammatory and regenerative properties) is used, plus the extract of natural fruits in the scrub acts as a mini-tonic for the skin during the cleansing procedure, nourishing and moisturizing the body skin.

Made in Thailand, Banna Fruit Body Scrub 250 grams.

Banna Fruit Body Scrub options:

  1. Pineapple scented scrub for dry and sensitive skin
  2. Frangipani body scrub – stunning floral sensual scent and excellent skin cleansing
  3. Banna scrub with Noni extract – elimination of pigmentation and skin rejuvenation
  4. The most aromatic and appetizing Mango scrub for freshness, smoothness and firmness of the skin
  5. Banna scrub with Mangosteen – deep cleansing of the skin and elimination of inflammation and pimples
  6. Banna coconut body scrub – brightens skin tone and removes age spots
  7. Body scrub Aloe Vera – deep hydration and prevention of skin aging
  8. Banana body scrub – a vitamin cocktail to eliminate sagging and dry skin
  9. Thai jasmine body scrub – radiance and freshness of the skin plus a delicate scent-trail on the skin for the whole day
  10. Body scrub Orchid
  11. Coffee body scrub

How to use Banna body scrub Fruit care:

  • Apply a fruit scrub in a circular motion to clean, damp skin, massage gently for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse with water
  • Recommended to use fruit scrub 1-2 times a week

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