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Tea made from dried large whole flowers of white tea chrysanthemum with a deep aroma that refreshes well, relieves eye fatigue and relieves headaches.

When brewing, chrysanthemum flowers beautifully open their petals and yellow cores, the taste of the infusion is floral, fresh, slightly spicy, the aroma is light coniferous.

White Chrysanthemum tea is very good to use as an additive to other teas, especially interesting taste is obtained when Pu-erh tea is added – tart, coniferous, very pleasant and unusual aroma and rich taste.

Weight 100 grams.

White Chrysanthemum tea helps to strengthen the immune system, it is recommended to drink it for infectious diseases, during colds and flu.

Traditionally, chrysanthemum flowers are added to regular black tea or black Puerto – this softens some astringency and adds a delicate floral-coniferous aroma to the drink.

But you can also add a small amount of White Chrysanthemum to green tea – just a little – to only emphasize the delicate aroma of the tea with floral notes.


  • Do not put many chrysanthemum flowers in tea, otherwise its strong taste and smell will obscure the aroma of the tea itself.
  • The water temperature should not exceed 85-90 degrees. Just like green tea, chrysanthemums can withstand several infusions.

Enjoy your tea!

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