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Thai emulsion “Flying white rabbit” / 200 ml*10 pcs


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The Flying White Rabbit emulsion from poisoning and abdominal pain is an effective and quick remedy for pain and abdominal cramps, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. Emulsion “Flying White Rabbit” has been known in Thailand for over 70 years, it is a real ambulance for travelers or for lovers of outdoor recreation in case of poisoning and discomfort in the stomach.

Thai remedy “Flying Rabbit” in almost 20 minutes relieves unpleasant and painful sensations in the abdomen, cramps, colic, nausea and immediately stops diarrhea.

The emulsion has a pleasant mint taste.

The composition of the Thai emulsion “White Rabbit” for every 100 ml:

  • Salol 2 grams – antiseptic, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory action.
  • Anise oil 0.132 ml – relieves spasms in the intestines, eliminates abdominal pain, aids digestion, accelerates peristalsis and eliminates gas formation
  • Menthol 0.176 grams is a general antiseptic, improves stomach function, relieves nausea, has antispasmodic and anthelmintic effects.

Thai remedy Flying white rabbit is used:

  • With food and alcohol poisoning
  • For pain in the stomach and intestines
  • For diarrhea, nausea, vomiting and heartburn
  • With enterocolitis and colitis
  • The emulsion can be taken by children

Method of application of the “flying white rabbit” emulsion:

  • Shake, adults – 1 tablespoon, children 1-2 teaspoons, do not wash down
  • After 20 minutes, if necessary, you can repeat the reception of the Thai emulsion from poisoning
  • Store at room temperature (do not refrigerate)

Contraindications to use: Allergy to any of the components of the emulsion

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