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Tiger Balm Neck Shoulder Rub Boost, 50g / 6 pcs


Hamar green balm with chili pepper, 200g / 6 pcs

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A set of ten different Thai warming balms with different aromas, with the addition of various medicinal plants, for a relaxing massage and to relieve muscle pain and fatigue.

The set consists of 10 jars of Thai balms, 15 grams each.

  1. Vanilla balm – gentle balm against headaches, to relieve itching after insect bites
  2. Balm with frangipani – balm for aromatic massage, to relieve fatigue
  3. Thai balm with lavender – for a relaxing massage, to relieve stress and tension
  4. Thai rose balm – relieves muscle pain, relieves anxiety and stress, relaxation
  5. Coconut balm – for delicate skin, light warming effect
  6. Jasmine balm – ideal for aroma massage
  7. Lemongrass balm – against insect bites, massage and relieve fatigue from legs
  8. Balm with eucalyptus – against colds, for rubbing with coughs and bronchitis
  9. Thai balm with mint – relieve headaches, lower blood pressure (apply to temples and wrists)
  10. Balm with Thai flower Moke – aromatic massage, against osteochondrosis, relieving tension

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