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Mangosteen scrub – face detox / 6 pcs


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Cream – scrub for skin care with a detoxifying effect from the Thai manufacturer of the cosmetics company Isme Cosmetic, which produces a series of cosmetics based on various herbs for the domestic market.

Scrub cream with mangosteen and apricot has strong antibacterial properties, relieves inflammation, tightens pores and helps smooth and brighten skin. Thanks to its creamy texture and the finest particles of apricot kernel powder, Isme mangosteen scrub is very gentle to exfoliate the skin of dead cells without damaging the skin.

Soft, delicate and fragrant mangosteen scrub – in just three minutes the skin becomes smooth, fresh and beautiful.

The scrub contains an extract of the tropical fruit mangosteen, chamomile extract and the finest powder of apricot kernels.

How to use mangosteen detox face scrub:

  • Apply the scrub to clean and damp skin of the face and neck after washing. Massage your face with gentle movements for 3-5 minutes, then rinse with water.

Net weight 100 grams, manufacturer Isme, Thailand.

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