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Popular in Thailand, natural instant ginger tea of ​​the Thai brand Hotta for preparing a delicious, healthy warming drink with a pleasant tart taste.

Hotta ginger tea is made on the basis of natural fresh ripe ginger root, which is at least 11-12 months old, which allows the finished drink to maintain an ideal balance of taste, without adding sugar and other additives, and nutrients – such ripe ginger has a high content of vitamin C , calcium, phosphorus and iron.

This tea is an excellent preventive and curative remedy for colds. Ginger tea warms up the body well, helps with coughs and common colds, restoring vigor and strength. It is best to drink ginger tea in between meals.

Ginger tea will also appeal to those looking to lose weight. This drink makes the body burn from the inside, accelerating metabolic processes and improving digestion.

Method of making Hotta ginger instant tea:

  • Pour 150 ml hot water over the contents of the bag

The package contains 10 bags, net weight 70 grams.

Made in Thailand.

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Weight 1.1 kg


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