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Кoolfever for Children to Reduce Fever / 12 pcs


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Safe, versatile product designed to be used as a fast and effective method of local temperature reduction. The principle of action of an antipyretic patch consists in the active absorption of heat from the skin, followed by dissipation of energy into space.

Due to the active absorption and removal of heat from some area of ​​the body, its temperature gradually decreases to normal (36.6 degrees Celsius). The use of a patch at night is recommended.

At the heart of the pH-neutral KoolFever is a soft, but sufficiently elastic gel applied on a hypoallergenic base, which firmly but delicately “sticks” to the skin and lasts about 8 hours. As part of a non-allergic / inflammatory gel suitable for baby’s sensitive skin:

  • 80% of pure water “bound” by absorbents;
  • other safe components used in cosmetology.

Most febrile conditions in children aged 2 to 12 (inclusive) years:

  • heatstroke;
  • flu;
  • SARS and colds, etc.

The plaster is also ideal for other problems: insomnia, summer heat, headaches and toothaches. Another area of ​​use is sports and household injuries (bruises, bruises, sprains) and overexertion after training.

The 8-hour cooling effect relieves the patient’s condition during fever.

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